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About us

Machines with needle transport to the material
Stitching and scalloping machines
Buttonhole machines for round head machines
Bewing machines with 2 needles machines
Straight buttonhole machines
Button machines
Automatic lockstitch machines
Automatic machines for cutting pockets
Ubrdck machines
Sewing and stitching machines
Zig-Zag lockstitch machines
Boutton presses
Steam ironing tables
Machines a boutonniere SUNSTAR SPS\D BH6000-01
Button machines SUNSTAR SPS\D B-1202-02
Button machines SUNSTAR SPS\D B-1202-03
Sewing machines JUKI AMS 210-1510 SZ
Sewing machines GUTE AMF 781
Manual sewing machines  GUTE 781S
Buttonhole machines SUNSTAR SPS\D B-1202-02
Buttonhole machines SUNSTAR SPS\D B-1202-03
Down filler automatic machine ALAN P1-T
ALAN Piuma 2IN - Down filler automatic machine with double injection system